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Why I Am Not Afraid?

May 24, 2022

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Mark Twain

The times we are in are dark, no doubt. There is an assault on individual freedoms, national sovereignty and societal values. It seems that with each new day, new challenges arise, new demands need to be met and the outcome is more and more uncertain.

This life we are living seems to be sucking the air we are breathing right out of us. The cost of living is on the rise while the salaries remain the same. The simple staples are hard to find, new/old emerging disease are popping up, the new ineffective products are still pushed with energy that makes you wonder when will the sanity return, and will it.

Sometimes it does feel like the twilight zone. How come the people around me don’t see the damage, devastation and despair? How come my fellow physicians in general are oblivious to the suffering? How come have we abandoned a large portion of our population just because some of us cannot accept that deeds have consequences and some of these consequences have devastating outcomes?

Despite it all, there seems to be a level of hope in the people around me as I’m traveling through Europe. There is even a touch of humor. They tried it all. They tried to break us down with fear, demands, forced compliance, new technology, new surging illnesses. IMO, they did not succeed.

People I have met are full of love. They are working together to create relationships and communities that will make an impact. They haven’t accepted the negative and the gloom and doom. They are fighting back together with an energy that is polarizing and infectious. They are stronger than they gave them credit for. They are bolder than the other side ever imagined. Their courage matches those of their ancestors from long ago, but more importantly the people I have met know that they are standing on the right side of history.

So you see, I am not afraid because I know that with friends and fellow humans who are ready to stand together against evil agendas of the few, the end will show that love always wins against evil and human spirit will survive.

How long will it take?! Time will tell. The story has been written long ago, we are living it now, and the end has been foretold. We are not alone in this and together as we continue to rise, we will give them hell.

Dr. Kat

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