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Fire Within

by Kat Lindley

It only takes one flame to start a fire.

I read this in a movie, and it made me think. What if I am that one flame or you sitting at home watching a football match, or that child that questions why the sky is blue, or a father that worries about his son as he is getting ready to enlist, or a mother siting by the bedside of her sick child…

Would we act differently if we had the confidence to lead the way to the change that we say is needed? Would we have the courage to step out in the limelight and speak our truth?

One flame, one fire. Two flames, two fires. Three, four, five and so forth till there is an explosion that consumes the fear that surrounds us. We are all more than the sum of our fears. We are the change in the wind needed for the sail of this ship called life.

It does only take one flame to start a fire, but it takes all of us to make it stronger than the chains we are held in. Be that flame and then join the other flames around you till there is nothing more than the winds of change left behind.

It only takes one flame to start a fire...I am one.

Dr. Kat

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