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Hello, my name is Dr.Kat

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Katarina Lindley, D.O. FACOFP

Passionate physician, caring human and inevitable leader.

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My Story

I had an interesting life. I grew up in a small country on the Adriatic Sea, better known for Matt Lauer getting lost in Dubrovnik. Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean destination, but our history is quite violent and oppressive. In those days it was known as Yugoslavia and was under the communist rule of Josip Broz Tito. As a child, I learned early on not to dream too big. Tito’s sudden death and internal fightings lead to the Balkan war that lasted several years and it ultimately resulted in a new country, Hrvatska, and its independence. I was 18 when my hometown of Split was attacked and with urging from my family, I left for Italy where the second part of my life as a free individual started. My travels lead me to England and ultimately United States where I truly learned what freedom and opportunity meant. After several years, I graduated from the medical school and started practicing family medicine. I realized early on in my career that medicine is more than just the practice of it. Medicine is also an opportunity to become a voice for patients and colleagues. My desire to make a difference led me to working with some amazing individuals with the same goal, to make medicine better for everyone while pursuing the three important tenants of the American way of life, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 


I am honored to say that on many of my travels and even on social media, I have met and become friends with many amazing individuals and some of them will be featured on this website as collaborators, guests or just friends stopping by to say hi. I firmly believe that for humanity to evolve and prosper, we need to maintain these special connections and nurture them, so that we all can benefit from them.


I'm always looking for new and exciting connections, so if you want to contribute or just plain say hello, send me a note.  

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