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Taking Back My Power

I find beauty in words. When used with intention and love they create a magical world of empowerment and content, but words can also hurt especially when used with malice and criticism. Sometimes to process events or emotions, I will sit down with a pen and paper and let the words flow out and speak for my soul.

I remember a very specific day in February of this year. This was the day when those in power decided that someone like me is guilty because I think differently than them. That new bizarre reality hit me hard. I went through a process of anger, then denial, the hurt and then grief. From the ashes. of my emotions a poem rose, one that I will finally share.

In these words, I found the power to take my life back. I rejected the fear and decided to own my truth. And just like my favorite quote says...The truth is like a lion, you don't have to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself.

Dr. Kat


by Kat Lindley

What do you do when you feel like you died?

Your heart is beating

Your mind is running

Your blood is flowing

But your soul was ripped apart

And your dreams have died

You feel like the world has turned dark

You feel lost and sad

You feel broken and mad

You feel shipwrecked and alone

You feel empty and black


Take a breath and pause…

It’s ok to cry

It’s ok to wallow and feel down

It’s ok to sleep and not think

It’s ok…



Don’t think…

Start looking around at new life

Start seeing the good, the hope, the love

Your soul never left

It just fell apart for a while

And now with the new dawn

Your soul is awake, shining bright

And with each and every day

Your soul will show you the way





Your soul shines bright.

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