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My Favorite Patient Story…it really happened

Aug 21, 2021

It was a Saturday evening, about 11 pm and I was watching the Avengers, Captain America The First Avenger. A patient texted me saying she thinks she has a urinary tract infection. I looked at the text, then myself, the text again and after a minute hesitation I texted back. “I’ll see you in the office in 10 min, but I’m coming in my pajamas.” She texted back. “Duh, me too.” 30 min later patient was home, treated and feeling much better.

Why is this my favorite story? Well in the old system, before direct primary care, in the Matrix as I call it (it’s worth mentioning I’m a huge fan of the movie “The Matrix” with Keanu Reeves), this would not be possible. Can you imagine calling your family physician at 11 pm at night and him or her answering. Well it wouldn’t have happened because first you call the clinic, the answering service answers and says please go to the nearest emergency room if you need help or call back Monday.

Medicine was not supposed to be practiced in the system. Sure I might be a little too idealistic, but medicine is a partnership between patient and the physician and if they can’t get to us or it takes forever, then are we doing everything we can to help them. I’ll let you decide, but for me the decision was made when I decided to be courageous and unplug from the Matrix.


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