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Physician Heal Thyself

August 27, 2021

So what happens when the physician is sick? You know that old proverb "Physician heal thyself", well I wish that it was true, but the reality is that most physicians stink at being patients. I am probably one of the worst.

So here I am, felt little down all day, tired but somehow convinced myself to walk 5.6 miles because the sun and the power of the vitamin D felt so good on my bones. An hour later I felt worse, and because I am so smart (NOT) I was able to diagnose myself and with help of my tribe as I call them, I was able to seek treatment.

Now the real fun and games begin. I have to be good. I have to do what I preach to each and every one of you. I have to rest and take my medications, and hydrate and sleep. Will I? All I can say the way I feel right now is, well I am willing to try. Anything is better than this bone crashing pain and chills.

Some of you know I am from Croatia, small Mediterranean country and tomorrow when my family back home realizes I am sick, I expect a phone call. They call me Giga. Giga, did you make the chicken broth? Did you heat up the milk with caramel sugar? (I don't know why but my sister swears by this despite the fact that milk makes your snot worse). Did you boil some rice with olive oil and make the soup? Now as much as they love to nag and nag, I love it because this is my crazy family. We are like The Big Fat Greek Wedding bunch. If you are sick, you eat. If you are sad, you eat. If you are happy, you eat. I miss them.

That takes me to this last point, in your time of need don't be too proud to not rely on your friends, family, your doctor. I am lucky, my tribe is truly amazing. Many have reached out already and I am fully expecting some chicken bone broth soup from one of my gals. I am grateful. I am extremely proud and humbled to live in a community that watches for each other and has my back. I know that this physician will definitely do her best and try to heal herself, with all y'alls help.


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