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Truth is like a Lion

Feb 12, 2022

What is the truth?

We live in times when “the truth” is defined by the people in power, lies are a norm and censorship is expected and embraced by the powers to be. So, where does that leave a person like you and me? Do we still speak the truth or just give up because we are tired of swimming against the current and the price is too high to pay.

Ultimately, each of us will have to answer that for ourselves. For me the truth lives deep inside my heart and it is like a lion, standing tall and ready to defend itself.

This has been difficult times for many of us, but what I have found is many like minded people standing strong in the actual truth. The friendships formed from all over the world, the sense of community and fellowship, have made this a journey of a lifetime. The truth is a live, heart beating entity that lives deep inside each one of us.

Remember your truth. Listen to your heart. Stay strong in the light. Your soul will find the way.


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1 Comment

Feb 13, 2022

Truth always wins in the end. Always. May take a while, may take longer than we would like, but ultimately, it can't be hidden.

Claire Zengerle, DO

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