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Together Declaration

Nov 1, 2021

I have found myself contemplating on the state of the affairs in the World more and more and with each day, I find myself more dismayed. Maybe because I just can’t believe at some things happening around me, new “normals”, new “truths”.

It seems that the World has shifted on its axis and what once was up now is down. As we are trying to navigate the New World, I find myself reminiscing about the past and those values that we were thought as children that now seem to have vanished.

It used to be ok to disagree and have a polite discourse, exchange of ideas and then a friendly chat about the families. Now if you don’t think like a majority, you find yourself canceled or criticized. But I have also realized that I’m ok with myself being different than the new norm. I am quite happy believing in something bigger than myself and I feel good in my skin. I realized that some things are worth fighting for, some beliefs mean more to me than this World’s new opinions and some hills are worth dying on. I have also been blessed to have made some new friends from all around the world and just recently I have stumbled upon something called TOGETHER DECLARATION written by my friends from UK.

“Now it is our turn to protect the freedoms our forebears sacrificed so much to protect — for ourselves, for our children and for our communities. Now is the time to say ‘no’ to any mandate requiring permission to participate in everyday life. If you agree that now is the time to work together to help keep each other safe whilst also safeguarding our democracy and normality, then this is your opportunity to make your voice heard.”

You can find the full body of the declaration on and if you feel compelled to add your name to it, sign it, as have I. I agree with its words, I agree that we all deserve the liberty and freedom of choice for ourselves and our families. The most powerful individual, in my opinion, is not the one that owns the world but the one that loves fellow humans and chooses freedom above all.

“We want a free, fair and open society for ourselves, our friends and our families. We want to eat, work, dance, and pray together. We want our children to be able to play, learn and grow together.”

I cannot finish this without remembering the words from long ago written in the text of another Declaration, the one that formed our Nation: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


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