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Rethinking Medicine

These past 2 years have shown that medicine is broken. It is ruled by outside forces, like big Pharma, hospital systems, governmental regulations and other special interests. Approach to the patient is based on protocols, formularies and at times financial influences. We have strayed away from human relationships to the computer ruled electronic systems that made it even harder to connect.

And as we stand at the precipice of health disaster generated by the system, in the middle of all this is a real human being. As a physician, I find myself realizing more and more that the system is broken and to save it from full blown implosion, we need to rethink the way we see medicine.

Health starts with YOU. Look in the mirror, open your eyes and slowly absorb the remarkable human being you are. Those wrinkles on your face tell a story, that crooked smile hides a spirit of mischief, that line on your forehead shows the worry for the future, the small belly that you stress about shows that you need to take some time for yourself...But beyond all those outside things that you notice, look back and see. See a knowledge in your eyes, the wisdom of your heart and the warrior spirit of your soul. See YOU...and now take charge of your life.

The other side of this rethinking, reclaiming medicine, starts with me (the physician). As physician I am here to be your guide, your cheerleader and at times the one that will make you look at yourself again. It starts with You (the human); the food you eat, movement, sleep, stress, energy and then Me (as your guide) to put it all together in harmony so that you understand your own importance and take charge of your own life.

This journey we are on, is meant to be side by side, together and I have a feeling if we endure, if we persist we even might find A Better Way...

Dr. Kat

March 26, 2022

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